Application of Drainage Cover in Underground Roadway of Coal Mine

In the production process of coal mines, a large amount of groundwater will be produced. Groundwater flows into the sump through a ditch set on one side of the roadway, and then is discharged to the ground by a multi-stage pump. Due to the limited space of the underground roadway, a cover plate is usually added above the ditch.,as a sidewalk for people to walk on.
Nowadays, the ditch cover plate commonly used in China is a cement product. This kind of cover plate has obvious shortcomings such as easy to break, which brings a serious threat to coal mine safety production. Due to the effect of ground pressure, the gutter and gutter cover are often subjected to huge pressure. Due to the poor plasticity of the cement cover, there is no plastic deformation capacity. When subjected to ground pressure, it often breaks immediately and loses its effect, posing a serious threat to the safety of people walking on it and losing the ability to reuse it. . Therefore, it needs to be replaced frequently, and the use cost is high, which brings pressure on mine production. The cement cover is of high quality, and it is very difficult to install and replace when damaged, which increases the burden on the staff and causes a huge waste of manpower and material resources. Since the broken cement cover falls into the ditch, the ditch needs to be cleaned frequently.

Development of Ditch Cover

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the cover plate, ensure the safety of personnel walking, reduce production costs, and free employees from heavy physical labor, the coal mine machinery repair plant organized technical personnel to design a new type of drain cover based on a lot of practice. The new draincover is made of 5mm thick lentil-shaped pattern steel plate. In order to increase the strength of the cover plate, reinforcement ribs are provided under the cover plate. The reinforcement ribs are 30*30*3mm equilateral angle steel, which is intermittently
welded to the pattern steel plate. After the welding is completed, the cover plate is galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion. Due to the different sizes of the underground ditch, the specific processing size of the drain cover should be processed according to the actual size of the ditch.

Strength test of drain cover

Since the drain cover assumes the role of the pedestrian passage, it must be able to carry sufficient load and have a sufficient safety factor. The width of the drain cover is generally about 600mm, and it can only carry one person when walking. In order to increase the safety factor, we placed a weight of 3 times the human body mass on the drain cover during the static test. The test shows that the cover plate is completely normal without any bending deformation, indicating that the strength of the new cover plate and the load-carrying pedestrian passage are completely applicable.

Advantages of drain cover

1. Light weight and easy installation. According to calculations, a new drain cover has a mass of about 20kg, which is about half of the cement cover. It is light in weight and very easy to install.
2. Good safety and durability. Because the new drain cover is made of pattern steel plate, it is not only strong, but also will not be damaged by brittle fracture, and it is durable.
3. Can be reused.

Because the new-type drain cover is made of steel plate, it has certain plastic 

deformation ability and will not be damaged during transportation. Even if plastic deformation occurs, it can be reused after the deformation is restored. Due to the above advantages of the new type of drain cover, it has been widely used in coal mines. According to the statistics of the use of the new type of drain cover in coal mines, the use of the new type of drain cover has greatly improved its production, installation and cost, and its safety is worthy of popularization and application.

Post time: May-31-2021