How to pack galvanized steel grating before shipping?

How should galvanized steel grating be packed before shipping? We have already understood the use of galvanized steel grating in our lives, so do you know how to pack galvanized steel grating before shipping? The following is a detailed introduction to several different packaging methods of galvanized steel grating.

In fact, when the whole piece of galvanized steel grating is packaged, it can be bundled together, which is more suitable for regular galvanized steel grating for packaging. Assuming that it is fixed with screws, this is also a very good packaging method. This method of packaging galvanized steel grating is relatively popular. Several different screws are used to cross each other, and the method is determined by screws. .

Or use pallets for packaging. If pallets are used for packaging, the quantity of such pallet packaging is determined according to the situation of different customers.

Therefore, if the goods are not too much, there is no need to use a forklift for loading and unloading. Generally speaking, it is more convenient to use bulk packaging. On the contrary, if there are more goods, it will be more convenient to use forklift loading and unloading. When we pack, everything is for the convenience of the customer, so as to ensure that the entire product will not have any wear and tear during the shipping process.

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Post time: Jun-07-2022