The advantages and classification of steel grating

Everyone is familiar with steel grating. It is light in weight, strong in strength, very economical, beautiful and practical. It can be seen on stair treads or factory walkways. It has many specifications, but its functions and characteristics are similar. Let’s take a look at the classification of steel grating.

The steel grating is divided into flatness and tooth shape according to the shape of its loaded flat steel side. The flat type is indicated by the letter I, and the tooth shape is indicated by the letter S. According to the flat steel standard, the distance and the distance of the twisted square steel can be combined into more than 200 specifications. According to different usage environments, the edges and faces are processed differently. Generally, hot-dip galvanizing is commonly used.

What are the advantages?

Steel grating is a steel product that steel bar according to a certain distance and cross arranged and welded into a square lattice with an iron. It is mainly used on the industrial platform,flooring,drainage cover,well cover,oil platform,stair tread etc .. The flat bar bears the load, and the cross bar (twisting direction) acts as a connection. The direction of the flat bar represents the length direction of the steel grating, and the direction of the cross bar represents the width direction of the steel grating. The advantages of steel grating: light weight, high strength, large bearing capacity, economical, ventilation and light transmission, modern style, beautiful appearance, non-slip safety, easy to clean, simple installation, durable.

Post time: Mar-28-2022