The anti-skid steel grating is composed of load

The anti-skid steel grating is composed of load-bearing flat steel and cross bars arranged at certain intervals, welded into original plates by 200t hydraulic resistance welding automation equipment, and processed by drilling, cutting and edging

1. Anti-skid steel grating has following features: high strength, good drainage, beautiful appearance, cost saving, good anti-skid performance, etc.

2. The anti-skid steel grating is economical and practical: the optimized waveform reinforcement structure, under the same load-bearing deformation conditions, the material consumption is only half of the pressure-welded steel grating, which effectively reduces the weight of the structure.

3. The anti-skid steel grating is easy to install: the size is standard, the installation is simple, and it is not easy to accumulate oil, and the maintenance is simple and fast.

4. The anti-skid steel grating has good ventilation and light transmission performance: three-dimensional hollow structure, good lighting and ventilation.

Therefore, anti-skid steel grating is widely used in channels, sidewalks, trestle, trench covers, well covers, ladders, fences, factory buildings and so on.

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Post time: May-30-2022