What are the advantages of galvanized steel grating

We all know that hot-dip galvanized steel grating is generally made of carbon steel, and the surface is hot-dip galvanized, which can prevent oxidation. life. Galvanized steel grating is made of low carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, copper plate and other materials.

Main uses: platforms and pedals for building ships, bridges, boilers, etc., and can also be used as steel bars for pouring cement and lightweight building materials, as well as radiation ventilation hoods and mechanical transmission protective covers for various vehicles and air compressors, audio, filter appliances, air conditioners, satellite dishes, etc. Outdoor furniture, mechanical protection, road protection, architectural decoration, platform walkway anti-skid, etc.

Advantages of using galvanized steel grating: First of all, hot-dip galvanized sheet is a kind of sheet that saves time and cost: the process of hot-dip galvanized sheet is simpler and faster than other coating methods, and it can also save the need for on-site coating after installation Time, the rust cost of hot-dip galvanized sheet is also lower than other coatings. In terms of service life, hot-dip galvanized sheet can be used for a long time.


But in different environments, the situation is different, in general, it can be used for about 50 years, because the galvanized layer is very hard, and almost every part of the electroplating has galvanized, so this structure is even dented in use Can withstand some mechanical damage everywhere. Or sharp corners can be well protected. The reliability of hot-dip galvanized sheet, because the galvanized layer and the steel plate layer are metallurgically combined, the zinc layer has become a part of the steel table, so it has good reliability and durability.


Post time: Jan-11-2022