What are the methods of repairing anti-skid steel grating

How is the anti-skid steel grating repaired? The anti-skid steel grating without protection is easy to rust and become old, which shortens its service life. Even if it is a well-maintained product, it will be damaged after a period of use, so we should regularly check the anti-skid steel grating,and do some repairing.

Let us have a look how steel grating is repaired, the first step is welding, welding the cracked and damaged position. The second step is to grind the solder joints. The third step is pickling, which should be done with caution, as the product will be damaged if the dosage is too large.

Anti-skid steel grating is welded by tooth-shaped flat steel. Anti-skid steel grating can also be called serreated steel grating. It has strong anti-skid ability and is especially suitable for wet and slippery ground, such as offshore oil production channels. Although the above process is simple, each step is very important. Once something goes wrong, the steel grating will be damaged,so we must pay attention to the details.

Post time: Mar-14-2022